Impermanent Gain

Decentralized options protocol disrupting DeFi with the first-ever Impermanent Gain options offering up to 1,000x leverage & no liquidations.

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Speculate or hedge volatility with Impermanent Gain options—go long, short, or both with up to ~1,000x leverage and no liquidations. Buy and sell whenever you'd like through Smilee AMM.

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Maximizing yield paid in stablecoins while minimizing effort through pre-set concentrated liquidity ranges, auto-rebalancing, no exposure to toxic order flow, and more. The way liquidity provision was always meant to be.

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Volatility Experience

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Mobile First

Built for the future, trade from the convenience of your palm.


1-Click Concentrated Liquidity Provision

No manual range selection, no manual rebalancing, no MEV—all packed into a single click.


Tinder, but for Options

Trading options has never been easier, just swipe, swipe, swipe.


Synthetic Design

Agile, flexible, and composable—list new tokens and integrations at the drop of a hat.



Discover alpha from other traders.

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